'New' Megaupload will be immune to raids, copyright infringement claims

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The creators of Megaupload have vowed that its replacement will effectively be bullet proof.

US authorities ordered the closure of the file-sharing portal in January, but owners Kim Dotcom and Marthias Ortmann says that its replacement – simply called ‘Mega' – will not be so easy to shift.

TorrentFreak reports that an AES algorithm will provide users with a unique description key that effectively allows them complete control of who can and cannot access the files in future.

A consequence of this is that Mega itself will have no knowledge or access to said files or their contents, thus deflecting any responsibility for potentially copyright infringing material.

A second security measure will see Mega hosting servers in a number of different countries. If police action leads to the closure of one set, the data will not be lost and users can simply access it from a different server.