New Steam Controller design features thumbstick

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It seems that Valve has redesigned the Steam Controller once again.

A user on Facepunch's forums was digging through a Steam client beta and stumbled across what appears to be a new design for Valve's gamepad.

This new one features an analogue stick on the left hand side in place of a D-pad.

For those keeping count this is the fourth time that Valve has redesigned the Steam Controller.

The firstdesign featured two trackpads, a touchscreen and little else. The second – unveiled earlier this year – had the aforementioned trackpads, with the addition of eight face buttons and ditched the touchpad.A third design changed four of the face buttons to Xbox-style X, A, B and Y inputs.

Earlier this year Valve revealed that further development on its controller had pushed its Steam Machines back to a 2015 release.

Below is the image recovered by Facepunch forum user DevinWatson showing off Valve's new design.