Next Xbox requires always-online activation to deter used sales - report

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Microsoft is implementing some stringent security measures to deter used-game sales, a new report has suggested.

Edge has learned from sources with first-hand knowledge of the new Xbox that the console will require an always-online connection for games to be played in a bid to curb used-game sales, similar to Ubisoft's ill-fated DRM for PC games.

The report states that games will ship on 50 GB Blu-ray discs, which will be accompanied by activation codes redeemable via Xbox Live.

While this system is being currently implemented by several publishers, those only lock out a few features to users who don't have the code. Microsoft, on the other hand, is planning to lock out the entire game to those without the activation code.

A new and improved version of Kinect is also planned to be shipped along with the new console.

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