Attendees who registered for the event through the Pokémon Go app will be able to claim travel reimbursement

The class-action lawsuit against Pokémon Go developer Niantic has reached a settlement as the company has agreed to pay $1.58m (£1.12m), TechCrunch reports.

The lawsuit followed the Pokémon Go Fest disaster last summer, with most attendees unable to play the mobile hit for most of the day due to network problems. A group of attendees then filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, seeking travel reimbursement in addition to the refund of the event’s tickets and $100 in in-game currency Niantic was already providing.

The $1.58m settlement will now allow the Pokémon Go Fest attendees to ask for travel reimbursement, though only people who registered for the event through the app will receive the compensation.

Attendees will either receive a notification or an email to inform them of the steps to follow to claim their reimbursement. The website to claim compensations will be live on May 25th and attendees claiming more than $107 will have to provide receipts.