Nikitova moves into games development

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Artist and programmer outsourcing operation Nikitova LLC has launched its own games initiative, reported Games Industry.

The newly formed Nikitova Games will initially concentrate on developing Wii and DS titles, and will possibly move onto other consoles next year.

The first title to emerge will be a licensed tie-in with a US sports channel, which will be on shelves before the end of the year.

"There's a strong romantic, artistic side to Eastern European society in general, and what's been interesting for me is that all that really needs to succeed is a little bit of Western realism about how you sell your creative desires into the market," said director of development at the firm Jon Hare.

"This kind of market, which is quite volatile in terms of stability of business, it's quite hard in the UK to keep a company going, that's one of the reasons we've seen lots of companies hitting the wall, or selling up."