Nintendo discusses DS Lite phase-out

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Nintendo has told MCV that it will "let the market decide" whether or not to phase out the DS Lite following DSi's launch.

In an exclusive guide to the new system, we asked Nintendo's UK general manager David Yarnton if the company was looking to end DS Lite's presence in stores following DSi's arrival.

He said:

We'll let the market decide. We expect some people will upgrade, but we also anticipate that we'll win over people who were still undecided on DS – the extra features will help convince them. There's an extra incentive.”

He adds: With the DSi we see multiple consumer types for it. As with everything now, we look at our target market being five to 85, offering different things for different people. The functions of the device really open the platform up to more consumers – it gives the DS format unlimited potential.”

The new system launches on Friday, April 3rd in the UK.