Nintendo offering indie game discounts and demos during E3 week

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Nintendo is embracing independent developers for this year's E3.

The platform holder has announced a new week-long promotion surrounding indie titles on the Wii U.

Entitled ‘Nindies@Home', the programme will offer players the chance to try nine selected indie games from the Nintendo eShop for free during E3 week, ending at 11:59pm next Monday, June 22nd.

Once each game is released, gamers also have the chance to grab them with a 15 per cent discount. This opportunity will be open for a month after each title's respective launch.

The nine indie games and developers participating in the Nindies@Home campaign this week are:

  • Extreme Exorcism from Ripstone
  • forma.8 from Mixed Bag
  • Freedom Planet from GalaxyTrail Games
  • Lovely Planet from tinybuild and QuickTequila
  • Mutant Mudds Super Challenge from Renegade Kid
  • Rive from Two Tribes
  • Runbow from 13AM Games
  • Soul Axiom from Wales Interactive
  • Typoman from Headup Games

See the launch trailer for the promotion, featuring all nine titles, below: