Nintendo taken to court for 3D patent infringement

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Nintendo is being sued by Inventor Seijiro Tomita over the 3D technology in the corporation's 3DS hardware.

Reuters reports that Tomita claims he developed technology for 3D images without the use of 3D glasses – the same technology used in the 3DS, Tomita and his council argue.

According to the lawsuit, Tomita demoed a prototype of the 3D tech to Nintendo in 2003, when the patent itself was still pending.Tomita reportedly received a US patent for the 3-D display technology in 2008, and holds a corresponding patent for Japan. However, Tomita's council argues that since Nintendo launched the 3DS, the inventor has had trouble finding a licensee partner.

Nintendo attorney Scott Lindvall states the company held meetings with several vendors in 2003, and Tomita's meeting was one of hundreds.” Lindvall adds the 3DS is missing key components of the patent. The "cross-point" function that displays 3D images on different screens, for instance, isn't part of Tomita's design.

The trial began earlier this week before US district judge Jed Rakoff, with Tomita seeking damages equating to around $9.80 for every piece of hardware sold.