Nintendo to launch a Zelda-themed New 3DS XL in March

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Nintendo is releasing a special Zelda-themed New 3DS XL alongside the upcoming Hyrule Warriors: Legends.

The gold-coloured console (pictured) is launching on March 24th, and features the Hylian Crest design on the chassis.

It is being released as the 3DS SKU of 2014 Koei Tecmo/Nintendo collaboration Hyrule Warriors called Hyrule Warriors: Legendscomes out.That title is to be released on March 25th.

Hyrule Warriors is one of three Zelda games being released in 2016 – the franchise's 30th birthday. An HD version of GameCube and Wii title Twilight Princess is being launched for the Wii U on March 4th.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited Wii U Zelda game is currently set for a 2016 release having been pushed back from 2015.