NINTENDO: Wii U multi-gamepad support confirmed

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Nintendo has listened to early critics of its Wii U system by making perhaps the most important pre-release upgrade yet – multiple controller support.

The first demos of the console given to journalists saw the Wii U system limited to one Wii U Gamepad at a time. The obvious blow was the effect that would have on multiplayer gaming.

This concern ahs now been blown out of the water, with multi-gamepad support now confirmed.

It's all about the games,” American boss Reggie Fils-Aime told the E3 audience, in what is widely being interpreted at a dig at rival Microsoft, which dedicated much of its presentation to Xbox 360's media capabilities.

Indeed, Reggie asserted that Wii U WILL enjoy widespread media support, with YouTube, Netflix and others all confirmed. But that was done with in less than a minute, with the outspoken exec soon moving on to detail how the machine works and what it will bring to gaming.