Nintendos WaveBird discontinued

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Whilst we all may take wireless joypads for granted in these days of next-gen technological wonder, there was a time when Nintendo's WaveBird controller for the GameCube was the leader in wireless pad tech – but now it seems that the fan-favourite controller has come to an end.

GoNintendo reckons that the platform holder has decided to cease further production of the device, quoting a spokesperson as saying: I haven't heard of any plans to offer the WaveBird in stores again. We are still shipping the original Nintendo GameCube controllers to stores.”

Both the original GameCube pad and WaveBird version are compatible with the Wii, and the latter remains a firm favourite amongst many for use with downloadable games from the Virtual Console service. However, those in despair would do well to check out Nintendo's excellent Classic Controller for the Wii.