NPD: UK's Q4 used games market was £90m

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British gamers spent nearly 100m on pre-owned software during Q4 2011.

According to NPD data shared with MCV, $141.9m (90m) went on used game purchases during Christmas. That's just ten per cent of the 780m GfK Chart-Track reports was spent on new boxed video games in the same period.

The data comes from NPD's new wider reports that look at games monetisation via non-new and non-boxed game revenue sources.

United Kingdom pre-owned games spending is just a little ahead of the amount NPD says was spent on digital games. The firm's stats say that 87.1m was spent on downloads.

In total, the data tracker says 323.9m was spent on used, digital, subscription, mobile, rental and social network games in Q4 2011, 40 per cent of the total spent on boxed games.

Detailed Europe& US Games Monetisation In Q4 data from NPD, which includes breakout stats for UK, USA, France and Germany, can be found on page four in this week's MCV magazine, which can be read online here.