NPD: Xbox 360 sales surge 88%

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Though it wasn't enough to prevent yet another month of declines in the US video games market in June, Microsoft Xbox 360 enjoyed some serious year-on-year gains in June thanks to the launch of the Xbox 360 S, which arrived in the UK this morning.

Xbox 360 sold a total of 451.7k units in June – a massive 88 per cent up on the same month in 2009. $151m was also spent on Xbox 360 software, pushing the console's US attach rate to an industry-leading 8.9 games per console sold.

Total Xbox spend for the month hit $333m.

Retail demand for the new Xbox 360 250GB console remains high, and retailers continue to order as many units as Microsoft is able to supply,” a statement from the company read.

Collectively, Microsoft has also heard from retailers around the US that Kinect and its related games are a top priority this holiday”.