Nvidia Shield gets exclusive launch title - Arma Tactics

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Bohemia Interactive has revealed a new exclusive Arma game being made specifically for Nvidia's Shield console.

Called Arma Tactics, the game is due out in Q2 2013 and will be available only on Nvidia's upcoming Android device, for the time being at least.

The game is turn-based with players controlling a four-man squad. Gameplay places emphasis on freedom, with users free to choose between a stealthy approach or all-out assault.

It's being designed specifically with the Shield controller in mind and will also offer special functionality for those streaming from the unit to a TV. In fact, Nvidia has a hand in the game's development so you can expect it to show off many of the unit's special features.

Despite being referred to as a Shield exclusive, however, Bohemia names iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux as potential future platforms”.