Nvidia won't lower GeForce prices to compete with AMD Radeon R7/R9 - report

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Graphics cards vendor Nvidia doesn't need to lower prices across its range to compete with the newAMD R7/R9 graphics cards, a new report has claimed.

"I thought Nvidia would lower its prices, but looking at the performance of [the other R7 and R9 cards], they don't really have to," PCR was told by what it describes as 'a senior industry source'. "There isn't much performance gained in the new AMD cards, so I don't think Nvidia will move - and if they do it won't be by much."

However, our source also suggests that a price drop around the Titan could still be on the cards, and that Nvidia could launch a new Titan to better compete, followingsimilar rumours earlier this year.

PCR has more details.