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Oculus VR adds PopCap producer Bernard Yee

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Oculus VR has hired former Plants vs Zombies 2 senior producer Bernard Yee, adding yet another industry veteran to its ranks.

Speaking with GamesBeat, Yee discussed his experience with a VR demo visiting Valve earlier this year that prompted his interest in the budding tech.

"I was really blown away by the level of emotional reaction I had to the demo," Yee said. "The virtual reality technology was immersive and made you feel present in a way that games have never done."

"The [Oculus] team in Seattle is very talented. I have to say that Plants vs. Zombies 2 is one of the best things I've ever worked on. The PopCap dev team is super passionate and they are as driven as a studio can be. I'm going to miss that part."

Prior to his work at PopCap, Yee had spent time working on Bungie's Destiny and Sony Online's EverQuest franchises.