Okami HD getting exclusive PS3 release

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Capcom's visually gorgeous PS2 adventure title Okami is getting an HD makeover exclusively for PS3.

The Zelda-like title sees gamers assume the role of sun goddess Amaterasu, who has inhabited the form of a wolf. The game world has been transformed into a colourless, lifeless landscape. Players then use their Celestial Brush to bring life and colour back to the world.

Anyone who has played the original title will understand instantly the decision to include PlayStation Move support, which will allow players to more accurately perform magical brush strokes.

Players can also choose to play with a joypad alone.

Okami HD will be a fully high definition title with 16:9 support as well as Trophies.

And as is becoming increasingly common with big releases, the game will be released digitally only on PSN in Europe and North America this autumn.