Omnidirectional treadmill Omni smashes Kickstarter target

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It took just a few hours for omnidirectional treadmill Omni to hit – and indeed, surpass – its Kickstarter target last night.

Omni, created by Virtuix, combines with virtual reality headset Oculus Rift to offer players a truly immersive VR experience. It allows users to control their direction and speed of movement by walking on the spot.

Combined with the 360 degree motion-tracking headset, it offers the best approximation yet of fully immersive virtual world gameplay.

The company was targeting $150k to fund the initial shipment of the device but with 47 days to go it currently stands at $484,950 having attracted pledges from 1,260 backers.

The minimum pledge needed to secure an Omni unit is $249, with various tiers running all the way up to $10,000.