OPINION: Fingers (and eyes) crossed for 3DS

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Nope, I haven't actually seen one yet – but excitement for the Nintendo 3DS echoed so audibly around the world from LA that no one is doubting its potential.

It seemingly does everything; along with all the usual DS functions, it's got an array of control mechanisms, an intense level of third-party support, advanced online functions, and first-time 3D movie support from Hollywood.

Oh yeah, and an innovative 3D screen.

Nintendo's message at E3 was, under the skin, a blessing for retail. All you need to play a 3DS game is the device itself. No extra cameras, handheld peripherals, sensors to clip to your body. That's a smooth sell for shops. And for Nintendo, of course – after his press conference Iwata told anyone who'd listen that he expects the device to have a massive installed base by March 2011.

But that won't happen if retail doesn't get the device in time for Christmas.

Nintendo, all eyes are on you…