Original System Shock creator returning for sequel

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The previously-announced remake of System Shock won't be the last hurrah for the iconic sci-fi RPG.

The website of Otherside Entertainment, which was founded by the co-creator oforiginal System Shockdeveloper Looking Glass,posted upa mysterious timer pageon its website earlier this week. The only thing accompanying the countdown was the letter ‘S'.

As the internet has a tendency to do, a member of theRPG Codex forumssoon cracked open the website's code, uncovering a second URL with the full reveal: System Shock 3. This was seemingly confirmed by the reveal of amailing list, which explicitly states it is for ‘System Shock 3'.

Within the page's source code lies the description: Join the original team behind Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.”

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