Ouya console 'around the size of a Rubik's cube'

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Ouya won't be much bigger than a Rubik's cube, according to its designer Yves Bhar

Speaking with Kotaku readers during a Q&A sessionon the site, Bhar explained Ouya's dimensions;citing portability as a major reason behind the small design.

"Our console is quite small, around the size of a Rubik's cube, and so it will easily fit anywhere in a room, or be easy to throw in a backpack," stated Bhar.

That said, the designer's challenge will be to figure out how to feasibly meld together the console's design and all it's supposed to be carrying under the hood.

"We intend to give the Tegra chipset room to breathe, as obviously it does get warm. Airflow is important here."

The Ouya kickstarter currently sits at $5.4m with still over two weeks to go.