Pachter thought Riccitiello "was a complete moron"

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Beginning a guest presentation by calling your chief speaker a moron” isn't a typical approach. But then, Michael Pachter isn't your typical analyst.

I've been doing one-sentence intros, but I have a couple of sentences for John Riccitiello,” Pachter said at the start of his Q&A with EA boss John Riccitiello last week.

Back in 2002, John was president of Electronic Arts and left and came back. In 2002, I thought the guy was a complete moron. He had this vision that EA was going to dominate in online game play, mobile, there was no such things as social, so casual.

And I thought, it's packaged goods dude, don't take your eye off the ball, you're completely wrong.

And here we're, it's a decade later, and I was wrong. And I honestly consider John a visionary. I don't know why the market doesn't consider him a visionary. He's going to tell you what a visionary is. They have a phenomenal business. I am a huge fan.”

And Riccitiello's response? I wasn't expecting that introduction.” You and us both, John.