Patch frees Assassin's Creed: Unity content from companion app lockout

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The latest update to Assassin's Creed: Unity has removed the requirement to play the game's smartphone companion app to access all of its content.

A number of blue and gold treasure cheats in the console and PC game could until now only be accessed once a player had met certain requirements in the smartphone spin-off. These will all now be freely accessible in the game.

Players are free to continue playing the companion app, but console/PC content will no longer be tied to it.

At launch some of the main game's content was also blocked to those who didn't participate in Ubisoft's web-based Initiates website. However, Ubisoft quickly freed it of those shackles once the website was put into a perpetual state of maintenance before Christmas.

The update is already live on consoles and is due to hit PC today.