Patent hints at possible new PS4 Move controller

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Sony could be preparing a new version of its Move controller for PS4.

That's if a patent unearthed by CVG for a device called a ‘Flat Joystick Controller' that bears more than a passing resemblance to the PS3's Move but features a touchpad style interface on the front.

"A controller device to interface with a computer gaming system includes a body having a handle and an object disposed at one end of the handle,” the patent reads.

A touch surface is disposed on one side of the handle. The touch surface has an indicator that is identified by a surface characteristic on the touch surface. The touch surface provides an area for receiving directionality control in response to interfacing by a finger of a user.

"In addition to the touch surface, a plurality of buttons are disposed on the body. A circuitry is disposed in the body of the controller. The circuitry is configured to receive data indicative of a directionality control and transmit the data to a game console for impacting an action by a program executing on the computer gaming system."

The most recent sales data for Move stood at 15m units as of November 2012.