Physical release planned for Salt and Sanctuary; PC date nears

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Indie hit Salt and Sanctuary is to be subject to a physical release on PS4, developer Ska Studios has confirmed.

The release is described as being limited”, and there are thus far no details about region availability or timing.

Also confirmed is that a release date for the PC port is rapidly approaching, with an expected announcement by the end of the month. A Japanese and Asian release is also in the works, with discussions with potential publishing partners ongoing.

A Vita port is confirmed, although details are sparse as it's being handled by a separate developer.

It's been crazy this past month and few weeks. I've gone nearly insane dealing with the flood of emails and messages from press and players, handling all the business items that no one wants to do but still have to be done, and released some patches while also trying to get our Steam release ready,” Ska said.

The PS4 launch went well though and for the most part, people really like Salt and Sanctuary. So, that all said, we apologize we haven't been able to reply to everyone or give updates as much as we would like. The two of us are spread a tad thin.”