Pikmin 2 Wii getting NA release this year

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Nintendo of America has announced the re-release of Pikmin 2 on Wii.

The game was originally released on Gamecube back in 2004. It was later retooled to take advantage of Wii Remote, and the updated release hit Japan and Europe in 2009.

No US release date ever came about at that time, so here we are nearly three years later with the reveal via Nintendo Life. To some, that may be too little too late.

Still Nintendo is certainly in need of some content to fill the gap until the Wii U arrives, and the North America region in particular seems sorely lacking compared to others in title selection.

Word is Pikmin 3 could be making a Wii U debut at E3 later this year as well, so in that respect the timing may not be so odd.