Playing For Keeps published online

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, MCV's sister site, reports that UK Trade and Investment has published the full text of its Playing for Keeps report online.

Written by Games Investor Consulting for UKTI, BERR and Tiga, the report analyses the global software market, comparing and contrasting territories. The report also looks at the market for IP creation in the UK.

We'd previously published an exclusive abridged version of the report which is still available to read here.

The full version is split into two halves:

Part 1 provides company profiles of the world's games markets and development sectors.

Part 2 looks at intellectual property, profiling 10 key UK-made properties.

Both are accompanied by the results of an industry survey, where studios in the UK have been quizzed about international competition and IP creation.



Playing for Keeps - Part 1: UK industry stats

Last year Tiga, UKTI and DTI (now called BERR) commissioned a wide-ranging report to look at the competitive nature of the global games industry and how the UKâ??s games development sector fits in. Here, we exclusively present an abridged version ahead of its public distributionâ?¦