PlayStation Gear store arrives online in the UK

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Sony has launched a UK version of its PlayStation Gear store.

Until recently the Gear store had only shipped to the US and Canada, but the new site accepts sterling transaction and ships within the UK.

Items up for sale include an Original PlayStation Wallet (16.99), Original PlayStation iPhone 5 Cover (10.99), Original PlayStation Rucksack (28.99) or Messenger Bag (28), some coasters in the style of PSOne games Parappa the Rapper, Wipeout, Destruction Derby and Gran Turismo (14.99), DualShock 3 Cufflinks (14.99) and PS2 Keyring (4.99).

There's an assortment of clothing, too, including t-shirts for 17.99, PlayStation Socks for (10) and a 29.99 ‘Double Life' Jumper.

Some items are only available to pre-order, with payment being taken six days before dispatch. Others are dispatching in one-to-two days. The service is provided by boutique shopping company MyPlay.

Take a look at the selection here.