PlayStation Morpheus VR will be at September's GameStop Expo

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Sony's virtual reality tech is going to be at this year's GameStop Expo.

On Wednesday September 2nd, fans will be able to get hands on with the PlayStation VR kit at the retail giant's event.

The GameStop Expo takes place at Sans Expo and Convention Centre in Las Vegas.

Sony's Morpheus tech was announced at GDC last year. In September of last year the tech was described by Sony as 85 per cent complete, and this March, Morpheus was given a tentative release window for the first half of 2016.

Having experienced virtual reality with Project Morpheus at E3 this year, I can confidently say that this is something that truly must be seen to be believed,” said Eric Bright, director of merchandising at GameStop.

We are excited to bring this innovative product to our Expo, so that our fans can be one of the first to experience virtual reality.”