PlayStation: We need new IP

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Sony's European studios boss has told MCV that the firm is on the hunt for new IP – across its three platforms.

Michael Denny said that PlayStation is keen to disrupt” the market with its new products.

In an exclusive interview with MCV, he commented:

Our strategy is very clear. We have big franchises we want to expand and need new IPs. We still have three active platforms that we are supporting.

He added: Of course as a publisher we like to arrange an amount of portfolio planning – but within Sony what we want to do is allow for disruptive products, differentiators, and something that's innovative.

"And you ask if we're looking for the next one – well, that's difficult to prescribe for, that's down to talented teams and their visions. It's our being able to help them deliver on the big idea – they need someone like Sony to fund and guide a project.

We pride ourselves on offering different routes to market for publishers and developers. PSN has been great for the independent community – it allows developers to be as creative as they like.”

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