Pokemon Go hits Japan tomorrow, along with McDonalds partnership - report

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The wait for the Japanese launch of Pokemon Go is going to be a lot shorter than feared, if new reports are correct.

TechCrunch reckons that the world-conquering app will actually hit Japan tomorrow (July 20th).

The news may make current users nervous about server stability, especially since the game has again struggled following its Canadian release. Server capacity was cited as the reason for what was expected to be a longer Japanese delay, too.

The site also reckons that the launch will see the arrival of the title's first corporate partner – fast food chain McDonalds. The chain's 3,000 Japanese outlets will become gyms, which players can visit to level up their Pokemon and fight for control on behalf of their elected team.

The hope, quite obviously, is that the inevitably increased footfall will translate to higher sales for the restaurateur.

Further Asian territory launches will roll out this week and next week. Expect more official partnerships, too.

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