Pokémon Go misses out on UK mobile top spots in first week of release

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Despite all of the hype surrounding Niantic's latest mobile title, Pokmon was neither the most downloaded free game nor the highest-grossing iPhone release for the week ending July 17th.

According to mobile charts from Reflection, the free-to-play title was the third most-downloaded Phone game of that period, beaten only by Code Computerlove's The Higher Lower Game and Super Stickman Golf 3 by Noodlecake.

Over in the iPhone grossing chart, Pokmon came in fourth place beaten by mobile behemoths Mobile Strike, Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans.

Though it failed to top the iPhone free charts, Pokmon Go managed to take the top spot in the iPad charts, despite the fact that the game is reliant on moving around in the real world. Maybe those 4G iPad users are avid Pokmon fans.

Either way, those iPad fans aren't spending as much money on the game, with Pokmon Go coming in at No.16 in the grossing charts.

These charts, of course, only represent the game's first four days on digital storefronts in the UK – the game is likely to perform better in the rankings for the following week.

Here are Reflection's App Store charts for the week ending July 17th: