Polygon publisher Vox Media raises $40m

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Digital content publisher Vox Media has raised another $40m in its second round of funding.

An SEC filing reveals the total, which matches the amount raised in Vox's first push for funding. The firm owns video game website Polygon, tech site The Verge, and sports site SB Nation.

CEO Jim Bankoff explains to AllThingsD that the company is on track” to make a profit in 2013, and told Ad Age that it will invest in additional video content for Polygon and The Verge.

"[Expect] more video product from us, better video product and more widely distributed," Bankoff said.

Part of the model here at Vox is building a media company that's equal parts magazine and news publisher and equal parts video producer and publisher. We are seeking to create an experience that feels as much like TV programming as magazine publishing."

Bankoff added that the company has no plans to go public at this time.