PopCap launches Plants vs Zombies Adventures on Facebook

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PopCap has officially launched social game Plants vs Zombies: Adventures on Facebook.

The game had previously seen a closed beta period of around two months and is now available worldwide on the social network. It features new plants, new power-ups and new, multi-directional zombie types across a dozen road trip maps that contain multiple levels.

We're thrilled to bring new ‘Adventures' to Plants vs. Zombies fans around the world, challenging them to use new strategies to defeat zombies as they come from all directions in a range of cool new settings,” PopCap executive producer Curt Bererton said.

We know gamers have been clamoring for new ways to play and compare their PvZ prowess with friends — and now they can do that for the first time.”

PopCap's full-fledged sequel for the franchise, Plants vs Zombies 2, is due out sometime in ‘early' summer.