Pre-owned Vita players will still get Trophies

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Vita owners have found a workaround that will enable them to earn Trophies from second hand games.

Fears first arose when it emerged each pre-owned Vita title locks Trophies to the first owner, perhaps as a deterrent to the used games market.

The message reads: "You cannot earn trophies in this application. Only the first player to use an application can earn trophies. To earn trophies, you must link the Sony Entertainment Network account of the first player to use this applicational with the PS Vita system."

But Pocket Gamer reports that this can be easily remedied by clicking 'No' when the message appears and then deleting the save data stored on the card.

This will enable consumers that get full functionality from pre-owned games. It should also protect retailers from complaints from Trophy-depraved customers.