PS2 drives EAs record revenue

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Electronic Arts has revealed that its software took more revenue from PS2 than any other home console during its FY 2007-2008 - helping the

firm take more than $3 billion in annual sales.

The ageing system provided $601 million in the 12 months to March 31st, 2008.

Second best performing was Xbox 360 with $589 million, whilst
Wii generated $302 million in the year.

PS3 was the firm's fourth best performing home console with $284 million. However, Sony's console took $152 million in EA's three month Q4, dwarfing the $128 million generated by 360 in the period.

PC did surprisingly well for the firm, taking $430 million in the 12 months.

PSP took $185 and DS made $230.

Nintendo's all-conquering handheld only took $36 million in Q4 however –bettered by mobile phone content, which generated $41 million.