PS3 to become family console

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PlayStation 3 is set to take up the mainstream appeal of its predecessor – with its ‘positioning' and marketing changing to appeal to a broader audience.

That's according to the global boss of PlayStation, Kaz Hirai, who told MCV in the second part of our exclusive interview that the system will slowly take the ‘casual' baton from PS2 in the next few years.

However, Hirai added that although the firm is already appealing to mainstream consumers, the console doesn't need to be everything to everybody just yet” – and that Sony had just begun to scratch the surface” of the console's potential in a family market.

Hirai told MCV:

If we're talking about the casual gamer, the PS2 is probably the right choice for them. We don't need the PS3 to feel like the console that will appeal to everyone at this point. We don't need to have one console try to be everything to everybody just yet.

He added:

Just as the PS2 marketing and positioning has evolved over the past ten years, we'll make sure the PS3 messaging evolves as well.”

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