PS4 sold 3m units in Q1 - more than double Xbox One and 360's combined sales

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Sony has revealed some impressive PS4 sales numbers for its most recent financial quarter.

PS4 sold 3m units in the three months ending June 30th, representing 11 per cent year-on-year growth. Perhaps more importantly, that number is more than double the 1.4m combined sales of Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the same period.

Sony has also upped its PS4 sales forecast for the current financial year from 16m to 16.5m units.

In total some 25.3m PS4 consoles have now been shipped worldwide. Microsoft's most recent shipped figure for Xbox One was 10m back in November 2014.

Sony's Q1 results showed 12.1 per cent sales growth for its Game & Network Services division, with sales reaching 288.6bn. Operating income grew by 15bn to 19.5bn.

Sony's overall sales and operating revenue was flat at 1,808.1bn. Operating income was up 38.8 per cent 96.9bn.