PS4 voice control to be limited at launch

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One area that Sony doesn't look to be competing with Xbox One in is voice and gesture control.

Engadget reports that PS4 will at launch only support a limited range of voice commands including the ability to turn the console off and launch games.

Users won't be able to boot their machine via voice. Nor will any third-party apps use voice control, which means no Netflix pause control.

A rep told the site that additional functionality and third-party support will be added at some stage down the line.

Facial-recognition log-ins are supported, although it seems that gesture control is not – for the time being at least.

Of course, this functionality will be limited to those who also own a PlayStation Camera – which, unlike Xbox One, isn't bundled with the console. That's the reason many believe PS4 is able to undercut the Xbox One's RRP by 75.