PS4 will lead the market on non-game services, Tretton insists

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Sony may have kept shtum about PS4's multimedia capabilities at its big reveal event, but don't for one minute think that's because the machine hasn't got any.

In fact, bullish SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton reckons PS4 will have the beating of any potential market rival.

If you wanna have an event to talk about multimedia capabilities, we'll proudly stand up and list all the media partners that we have, and the fact that we're the number one most used Netflix device around the world,” he told Forbes.

But the 3.1m people that streamed [Wednesday's event] and that stayed up at all hours depending on what country they were in, they were there to see games.

People that want to hear about multimedia applications don't stay up until 4:00am in the morning to see presentations. We know that the people who were watching were gamers. We know that the people that are the primary purchasers of our boxes are gamers, and that is the audience that we cater to first and foremost.

But I will stack up our non-game services with any competitor out there. I think we're gonna have more than our fair share of great content outside of the gaming world.”