PSN base tops 40m as XBL users rise

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Sony and Microsoft have revealed new online user stats, following both firm's latest NPD results.

Microsoft say that the Live community has grown to 23 million – both Gold and Silver users – marking a high rate of Live adoption from the 39 million 360 consoles sold worldwide.

Sony, meanwhile, says that it has clocked over 40 million PSN accounts, coming from a mixture of 33.5 million PS3 owners and 56 million PSP units sold.

Speaking on his PlayStation blog, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton said the rise in PSN came with a 155% jump in digital sales between 2008-2009.

Sony recently fuelled rumours that the PSN service will implement subscription charges.

Microsoft added that 2.3 million Live users logged into Xbox Live over January – a new record for the platform holder.