PSN problems could last six weeks

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After the disappointment of PSN failing to hit its first target recovery date last week, Sony has now admitted that the service may not be fully back online for another three weeks.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Shigenori Yoshida – who is referred to as a 'spokesman' – has said that Sony is now aiming to bring PSN back online by May 31st.

The service first went down on April 20th. If May 31st does prove to be the day it's resumed, that will mean PSN will have endured total downtime of six weeks.

Though Sony is of course right to wait until security is guaranteed before hitting the go button, a month and a half long wait was unimaginable when PSn first went down in April.

Serious questions must now be asked of the possible effect the saga has had on both existing and potential new customers.

Of course, that six week target for full restoration. It's possible that some elements of PSN could return before that date.

But even so, the news could have significant ramifications for some developers. Portal 2, which was championed for its unique Steam connectivity on PS3, remains inoperable online. And what of Bethesda's Brink? The online reliant game releases this week on Sony's console.