Publishers help cut through congested mobile games space, says Chillingo

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Despite the allure of self-publishing, smartphone game developers are flocking to big firms to help their games find an audience.

The sheer quantity of titles released on mobile is proving a major challenge for studios looking to get attention, says publisher Chillingo. Previous estimates claim that over a half of mobile developers don't make money.

The number of developers that are coming Chillingo is up 15 to 20 per cent year-on-year, so either people are recognising what we are doing or developers are recognising they need help,” Chillingo COO Ed Rumley told MCV.

I'm no mathematician, but I know how many games can fit into the Top 100, and I also know how many games are being launched every day. And it's a very competitive place. Around 20 to 25 per cent of the developers coming to us are asking us to republish a game, which we don't do. That 25 per cent tell me they wish they had help publishing their titles from the outset.”

EA-owned Chillingo is one of several publishers that help developers launch mobile games, with others including Japanese giant GREE.

We have a team of producers, artists, sales, marketing and PR people that are experts in mobile. We are sharing our knowledge. And a lot of developers want that knowledge. We bring a virtual team to the indie developers out there.”