Publishers ready for download chart

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The UK publishing community has called for an official downloads sales chart, headed up by GfK-ChartTrack.

An ELSPA forum took place earlier this week (Wednesday, July 29th) in which the leading publisher bosses discussed the possibility of setting up a download-only chart.

Publishers feel that the true popularity of their titles is not being represented through a chart that only reflects the sales of boxed products.

GfK-ChartTrack said that it was keen to implement the chart ‘as soon as possible'
– but MCV understands it has met resistance from one or more US portals.

Bethesda MD Sean Brennan told MCV: The activity in downloads is approaching levels which warrant measurement and tracking. It will be a useful aid in determining ROI strategy for titles which are put into development and where the monetisation thereof is maximised.”

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens added: Downloads are becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue for publishers so accurate data on their sell- through in relative terms to competing titles would be a useful tool. ChartTrack would certainly be best placed to provide this service given their excellent track record.”

And director general of ELSPA Michael Rawlinson told MCV: It would be good to see a PC download chart in time as downloads become a significant part of the
supply chain.

But the online world is notoriously fragmented so it will be logistically challenging to collect and compile this data. That said, the inclusion of download data in the games charts would be the ultimate recognition of our industry's evolution and growing maturity.”

Director of GfK-ChartTrack Dorian Bloch commented:

Negotiations for a digital download chart are still ongoing. We want it to happen, publishers want it happen, and one of these days it will. But I don't have an exact timeframe for it. How it gets running and who is in it is a good question.

Some publishers have their own sites and some distribute their games through the likes of Steam, Metaboli and Direct2Drive.”