Radeon R9 290X to cost more than expected; Nvidia GTX 750 Ti rumoured

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AMD's upcoming high-end Radeon R9 290X graphics card looks like it will cost more than initially expected.

Upon its reveal last month it was being reported that the card would retail for $599 – or around the same price as Nvidia's GTX 780. However, TechSpot reports that the first prices to appear online for the GPU are coming in at around $699.

Which is still less than a GTX Titan, of course.

A release date of October 31st is also being speculated.

On the other side of the GPU divide, Nvidia is believed to be about to lift the lid on its R7-rivalling GTX 750 Ti.

Fudzilla reports that the GPU is built on a revised GK106 core and has a base clock of 1033MHz, boosting to 1098MHz. A 256-bit memory bus is welcome, however.

Rumours are also doing the rounds that Nvidia will shortly reveal the GTX 770 Ti, though this is not confirmed.