Alexandre Remy defends Outbreak boxes, saying they don't impact gameplay at all

Rainbow Six Siege game director Alexandre Remy has spoken up about the planned paid Outbreak loot boxes coming to the game for the length of the Outbreak event, defending their inclusion.

The paid for loot boxes will be available in addition to the pre-existing (and free) Alpha Pack loot system for the month-long Outbreak event. It is Rainbow Six Siege's first paid for loot box, although players have been able to pay for cosmetic items with real money and in-game currency since launch.

"I feel like the loot boxes act like the gift shop after the rollercoaster," Remy says, explaining that the team's golden rule with regards to loot boxes is that they shouldn't impact the gameplay in any way. "I am feeling very empathetic towards players upset with this, but at the same time I do not feel we are cheating anyone, i don't think we are being greedy whatsoever."

The loot boxes, which will contain purely cosmetic items, have attracted some criticism from the community. They'll be added to the game on March 6, and available for purchase until April 3. Our full interview with Alexandre Remy will appear in the March issue of MCV.