Razer unveils Windows 8-powered Edge gaming tablet

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Gaming peripherals manufacturer Razer has unveiled its Edge gaming tablet, which is designed to act as a mobile game device, game console and desktop gaming PC.

Running Windows 8, the Edge features a GeFore 640 LM GPU capable to easily running the latest PC games.

On its own, the device works as a Windows 8 tablet, but various optional peripherals aim to transform the gaming experience.

Playstation Move controller-like attachments on either side turn it into a gaming handheld; a docking station lets it act as a home console; while the keyboard dock lets you use it as a desktop PC.

Razer has announced two variants of the device – the Edge is priced at $650 (approx Rs 36,000), while the Edge Pro can go as high as $1,000 (approx Rs 55,000).

The Razer Edge has so far only been announced for release in the US, where it arrives in Q1 2013.

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