Report: Apple in talks to buy Kinect sensor manufacturer Primesense

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The technology company that provided Microsoft with the original Kinect sensor is reportedly being courted by a pair of rival companies.

VentureBeat translates a report from Israeli outlet Cacalist, which states Apple, Sony and Samsung have met with manufacturer PrimeSense regarding the acquisition of tech similar to that of the Kinect.

Apple specifically paid a visit to the Tel Aviv headquarters for a tour – the firm already owns a trio of Israel-based R&D facilities.

Neither Apple nor Sony has commented on the report at this point, while a PrimeSense rep gave the ‘no comment' comment to Mashable:

"We can't comment on what any of our partners, customers or potential customers are doing and we're not commenting on rumors."

Microsoft itself has moved on from PrimeSense in regards to the latest in its Kinect line, working with a new tech manufacturer for the Xbox One model.