Report: Gameloft to shut down Madrid studio

40 members of staff will reportedly be made redundant when the office closes
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Mobile developer and publisher Gameloft is reportedly closing its Madrid studio.

The news was initially reported by Spanish games publication Vandal, which said the staff was notified of the closure yesterday morning, with the closure being part of a wider movement to restructure the company (the Valencia office was shut down in 2016 and the New Orleans one was closed earlier this year).

Vandal further reported that Gameloft Madrid already laid off 35 employees in September last year, with 40 members of staff still remaining at the studio who will be made redundant when the office closes. then confirmed the closure to, with sub director Josep Maria Sempere saying: "I can confirm that, indeed, Gameloft is closing their studio in Madrid. They notified the people working there yesterday morning and now it seems they're working on settlements and contract terminations."

He continued: "It's been the same situation that happened with Gameloft in Valencia. Gameloft closed the studio on a Monday morning with no previous warning, and even having open positions offered on job hunting sites."

Gameloft was acquired by Vivendi in June 2016, leading to former Vivendi COO Stephane Roussel named as CEO of Gameloft.