Report - Over half of polled US adults blame games for violent behavior

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A new survey by Harris Interactive reveals that nearly three out of five adult Americans believe that playing violent games can lead to violent behavior in teens.

Venture Beat reports the results of the survey, which carried 2,278 US adult participants, showed that 58 per cent of those polled think that there is a link between violent video games and violent behavior in teenagers.

What's much more fascinating is that many of the participants don't seem concerned at all about it. 33 per cent of respondents said their own children can play whatever they want, regardless of the parent's belief.

38 per cent said they don't know anything regarding the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, or its rating system. Those that were aware of the organization didn't show much faith. Only 32 per cent said the ESRB could keep violent games out of the hands of children.

The full results of the report are set to be released later this week.